Post Grad Students

DSA Ireland Postgraduate Researchers Working Group

Postgraduate researchers are a key constituency in the growth of DSA Ireland, and in the growth of a dynamic and informed development sector more broadly. Postgraduate students have been engaged in the governance and operations of the association as it has evolved, working to develop opportunities for postgraduate researchers and helping to achieve the wider aims and objectives of DSA Ireland.

The postgraduate researchers constituency play a pivotal role in the workings of DSA Ireland, from promoting postgraduate member interests in the activities of DSA Ireland, to furthering opportunities for learning, dissemination and network building.

To further these goals, the Postgraduate Researchers Working Group formed at the 2013 DSA Ireland Postgraduate Research Workshop to support postgraduate interests within DSA Ireland and grow the membership of postgraduate students within DSA Ireland.

The Postgraduate Researchers Working Group is made up of students from across different institutions and research interests. This Working Group does not necessarily focus on a particular research area but instead provides a venue for enhancing postgraduate engagement with DSA Ireland and for promoting communication and opportunities across a wider postgraduate network. Members of this group have been involved in several initiatives, including organising a half-day DSAI-TIDI-TCD event hosted as part of TIDI Development Research Week 2013.

Further activities are being planned, including the annual DSA Ireland Postgraduate Workshop and will be available on the events page or communicated through the DSA Ireland Postgraduate Network Mailing list.

Mailing List for DSA Ireland Postgraduate Researchers Network

The mailing list for the DSA Ireland Postgraduate Researchers Network is a platform for sharing information, engaging in discussion, notifying about events, requesting help, or posting opportunities that are of interest to postgraduate researchers. Core participants are postgraduate researchers engaged in the international development community in Ireland. Other postgraduate researchers interested in development issues are equally welcome to join.

To sign up, please e-mail: