Consultation Report

The Development Studies Association of Ireland (DSAI) is Ireland's only association for researchers and practitioners working in the field of international development. These include academics, postgraduate students, the NGO sector and donor organisations. 

DSAI consultation report imageIn order to plan for the next phase of DSAI's development, we have run a consultation with both members and the wider development sector on the contribution of the DSAI, areas for improvement and ways respondents would like to participate in the ongoing work of DSAI. The consultation took place between 16th April 2018 and 30th May 2018. Users were invited to complete a questionnaire and contact the DSAI directly via email or phone with suggestions and feedback. This report summarises respondents' feedback and the key areas for further action.

The consultation achieved what it set out to do with a range of suggestions that should be reflected on by all. Suggestions in relation to the annual conference will be the first to be addressed as preparations are being made for this event at the moment. Going forward, the following broad themes emerging from the consultation that will be examined. These include among others: a call for greater involvement of members in the DSAI, more outreach and engagement with the wider sector particularly NGO’s, additional workshops & training, effective use of the web and social media and the need to develop the profile of the organisation generally. There was also a call for a more critical approach to policy and practice. 

We shall continue to engage with the DSAI membership and the wider development community to ensure the network develops in tune with its members and supporters. 
Prof. Honor Fagan
Secretary DSAI 

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